Blakedale Flexiwall, new flexible hazard warning system

Blakedale's Road Marker Posts division has launched a new flexible hazard warning system to help reduce injuries and fatalities on the roads.

Since unveiling a prototype of Flexiwall at Traffex last Spring, we have been overwhelmed with interest and positive feedback.

“There are an alarming number of fatalities and serious injuries that are caused when people, particularly motorcyclists collide with the very warning signs alerting them to hazards," says Joint Managing Director of Blakedale, Carmen Bowley. 

“As such there is a move across the highways industry to replace existing road signs with passive signs or flexible systems.”

Blakedale initially started out manufacturing distance marker posts for motorways and trunk roads in the 1990s. Our business has thrived by listening to the needs of our customers and the industry and also by adapting and diversifying into related products and services, including hazard delineators and the self-drive hire of Impact Protection Vehicles.

Product Sales Manager, Paul Durham, helped develop the new Flexiwall, he says: “The premise of Flexiwall is the series of posts that create the illusion of a solid sign but that are flexible to allow them to give under impact.

“The key is the modular nature of the ground sockets which enable us to make up signs of any number of posts/chevrons. We make the sockets in 1, 2, 3 and 6 modules thus an eight post chevron is constructed from a 6 + 2 socket and so on.”

Flexiwall is available with chevron heights of 400mm, 600mm and 800mm, with or without high visibility borders and 606 signage.

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